Sending instructions

Order a pickup in Finland or send by post to P.O.Box 12 Lappeenranta. You can send by any International courier delivery to Finland, we deliver it to Russia.


Door to door service

Once your order has been processed, check your email and print waybill to Lappeenranta.

Mark Russian delivery address and contact information on inner package or put in a plastic pocket.


Send by post to P.O.Box 12 

Pack the shipment in two different envelopes. Mark P.O.Box address on the upper envelope and russian delivery address on the inner envelope. Mark PEX order number and Your contact information to both envelope.

Send Express mail Send by express post to Lappeenranta PO Box:


Forwarding fee for product shipments or parcel over 2 kg

If shipment includes products or parcel weight exceeds 2kg, please request forwarding service fee before placing a order ask price