Terms of delivery

Delivery time

The stated delivery time is for the transmission of documents. Delivery time for shipment and multi-package shipments may be longer, e.g. due to customs provisions.

Forwarding charge

The forwarding charge for all consignments and packages over 2 kg includes all export and import forwarding costs. The amount of the forwarding charge is affected by the value of the shipment, the nature of the shipment such as the number of products and the intended use. Shipments only by agreement.

Export documents 

Depending on the consignment, a transport document, invoice or consignment must be attached stating the contents and value of the consignment.


Electronic equipment or other products that may be subject to export restrictions must be notified prior to shipping.

Dangerous goods and prohibited shipments

There are prohibited broadcasts e.g. narcotic prescription drugs and all consignments prohibited and subject to authorization under customs legislation.

Terms of payment

The consignor and the person placing the order are always responsible for the transport costs, even when the consignee is declared the payer of the freight.

We are a Finnish company and operate in accordance with Finnish legislation and good business practice, in compliance with the terms of distance selling.